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Season Tickets on sale by calling the box office (719) 564-0579. Tickets for individual shows go on sale two weeks prior to the shows opening date. This page features both Season and no season shows.






Sept. 27-29

1The scariest story you will see this year. 19 People were Hanged on Gallows Hill in Salem. See Arthur Millers Classic in a new light.




Oct. 12 - 20


What the F**** was that.

There is Evil in them there woods as a group of collage kids is about to find out when they are attacked by creatures almost as foul as their mouths. In this new musical zombies dance, demons croon and blood covers parts of the audience when the S**** hits the fan and still a good time was had by all in this hilarious tribute to the first round of Evil Dead films. This show is definitely for adults who aren't to adultish.



Nov. 15-17

Some actors once they find away into a part can't find the way out again. In Ken Ludwig's Game's a Foot the actor playing Sherlock Holmes is so stuck in the part he finds himself in the middle of a murder, where he was the potential victim, now in order to save his own neck he must solve the mystery before it time runs out.



Nov. 30. Dec. 1, 7-8, 13-15,

What's Christmas without Peanuts. Join Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroder, Sally, and Snoopy in this fun and uplifting journey into the mind of Charles Shultz





JJan. 24-26

Fall into the rabbit hole Ethel Savage who's exocentric ways had lead to her being committed by her family. Could it be that the crazy world she leaves behind with her money grabbing family is more off balance and insane that the minds of the pure hearted people she is locked away with. 





Feb. 14-23

Mel is back.....

The hilarious Young Frankenstein film comes to life on stage. They young Dean of anatomy and Johns, Miriam, and Anthony Hopkin's School of Medicine Doc. Frankenstein has inherited his fathers reputation and abandoned Castle in
Transylvania (considered both a Death and a tourist trap), and his propensity of tinkering with reanimating dead tissue. Hijinxs insure with werewolves, big knockers, hay rides, blind hermits, and woman name Blucka.




March 22- 30

Worlds Premier.

The difficulties of caring for an aging parent are amplified when when their mind is ravaged by the effects of Alzheimer's. The secrets of a terrible family tragedy are locked away behind the vial but threaten to boil over at any time and drive the family into a melt down. What is behind the ghost of a little girl that still plays in her forgotten sand box.



April 26- May 4

"I want to be like Billy the Kid."

Even when time are tough kids dream big and Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow where no different but when those dreams were shot they shot back. Relive the Crime spree that made into the history books by ending in a hail of gun fire.



May 30 - June 1

Time to laugh and rise up your heart.

Every one has a family they don't want to introduce someone important to but very few families are as exocentric as Grandpas. In Grandpa's house there's a writer, a ballerina, a Russian refuge, a countess, a giant snake,  they make candy in the kitchen, and fireworks works in them basement. And no one has ever paid income tax, that's why there are G-men at all the door.  The inspiration for both The Munsters and the Bird Cage.


June 27-29

Pre-midlife Crisis the musical.

Remember that episode of Friends where they all flashbacked to when they turned thirty. It's like that only with music. How did you handle it ?



July 18- 27

What's that big Green stink? You don't have to run and hid Americas Favorite Onion-like Shrek Ogre, Shrek has a song in his heart for you. See Donkey, Dragon, Shrek and Fiona in the stage musical based on the film that changed the way we look at fairytales. Come Dressed as your favorite Fairy Tail creature for a chance to win great prizes and let your "freak Flag Fly."







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